About Me


Hello and thanks for visiting this page…
I have a long history of operations mainly as a result of my congenital heart disease. To date I have had a total of 12 operations; four on my heart (only two invasive) and eight leg operations. I have also been in a coma for several days, which was probably the worst of the bunch, but you can read more about these in the various articles on my blog.


Some Details

Sebastian Mühlhaus – 24 – German – Bilingual – PoB: Gibraltar – DoB 16.12.1990.

I was diagnosed with stenosis of the aortic valve with functionally bicuspid valves in Gibraltar. Soon after, my mother and I moved to England to be closer to bigger and better hospitals. In the 10 years we spent in England I had two successful procedures: a balloon dilatation and an open-heart surgery to cut back the narrowing valves. These two procedures and many check-ups were done at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. We moved to Munich, Germany when I was 10.

Munich, where I still currently reside, shaped me into the international person I am today. My check-ups, another balloon dilatation and an open heart surgery to replace my deteriorating aorta with a St. Jude mechanical valve were all done at Klinikum Großhadern. After finishing high school, i yearned for an English university and finished with a Bachelor (Hons) in International Football Business Management three years later. Munich however, was too magnetic and pulled me back here in search of jobs.

I have done a mixture of jobs since graduating including being a football and race ski coach for my high school, had an internship writing for www.bundesliga.com and work in Real Time Statistics for a company collecting sports data. It is not hard to see that my passion lies in the sweet bed of sports. I also love the business side of things, which is why I see myself working in an office and not out on the field, yet a job with frequent travel would really be the way to go.


My motivation

When I was younger, my mother did a lot of research into heart diseases as she wanted to find out all she could about what is happening to her son. She went through newspaper articles, medical journals and countless other academic sources to be as informed as possible. One thing that struck me when I was a teenager, was that all her research was from the point of view from doctors and specialists, and very little good quality reading from the actual patients.

All my friends know me as a person who’s very open about things and it is this feature that I hope will give this blog some quality. I want to be able to help people who suffer from a heart condition, people expecting some future operations and the family and friends of those affected. I hope my witty perspective helps give you an extensive insight into this aspect of my life. Also, friends have shown a lot of interest regarding my heart problem, so this is an easy and more time saving way for me to tell them.


The Blog

I always knew I have had quite an eventful life with my various operations, complications and stories, but it wasn’t until this summer that I decided to create the blog and put the metaphoric pen to paper. The sigh of relief arriving home after being in a coma sparked my Mum saying ‘Why does this always happen to you… you really need to write about this’ A few days later another friend told me about his creating a blog to store his current travels through Asia, and so the seed was planted.

After planning out some of the things I could write about and receiving initial positive feedback on the idea from my friends, I went ahead and started to write. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to share as much as I have enjoyed writing it and maybe you learn a thing or two about my life with a heart disease. If any one else with a heart condition would like to share a story of theirs, please do get in contact with me.